This research looks at contemporary stomp dancing as it occurs in Oklahoma, and compares these dances with historical accounts of the stomp dance, both in Oklahoma and in the Southeastern part of the United States where it originated.

The focus is on Conlon’s work with Linda Alexander of the Creek/Seminole tribe, a respected elder who still participates at numerous stomp dances in the Oklahoma area, and has traveled to Florida to participate in stomp dances there. Now in her nineties, Alexander has lived through many changes, but still attends Green Corn ceremonies and stomp dances that have a similar structure to the dances that she participated in as she was growing up. Alexander can be considered a “bearer of culture,” both for her own tribal group and for the Native American and non-Native American members of the community that she lives in. This research discusses Linda Alexander and the Talahvse Ceremonial Grounds' contribution to the preservation of stomp dancing into the twenty-first century.

Photo: Linda Alexander (1917-2009), Creek-Seminole shell shaker.


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