Dagmar Frisch
Professional Experience

Diploma (Biology)
Freie Universität Berlin, 1995

Dr. rer. nat (Biology)
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 2000

I am an aquatic and evolutionary ecologist. I am interested in how the biotic and abiotic environment affects
generation and maintenance of biodiversity on different levels of biological organisation (molecular, individual, population, community).
My research revolves around two main topics:
(1) the effects of global environmental change (e.g. temperature, pollution) on the population genetic and genomic structure and linked phenotypes, using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates methods used in paleolimnology, environmental genetics/genomics, and resurrection ecology, and (2) the factors that mediate the structure and maintenance of diversity in metacommunities, using zooplankton as a model system. A future challenge will be to combine these two fields, applying temporal and spatial scales to community genetics.


Dr. Dagmar Frisch
University of Oklahoma Biological Station
15389 Station Road
Kingston, 73439 OK

phone +1 405 325-7432
fax +1 580 564 2479


Daphnia pulex with calanoid copepod
inside brood chamber

Daphnia pulicaria hatched from
a ~700 year old dormant egg

Cyclops strenuus,a cyclopoid copepod
common in temporary ponds