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Dr. Piers J. Hale and Dr. Barry Weaver in an April 2009 interview for Fox News regarding the invesitgation by State Representatives of the visit to campus of Richard Dawkins.
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Dr. Hale talks about the significance of Darwin's Origin of Species, first published in November 1859.

Piers Hale
Click the picture for a link to video of Dr. Hale's lecture "Lessons from History? Eugenics, Medicine, and Science Policy in the United States"OUHSC, May 2009.



Department of the History of Science
Political Descent

Piers Hale's book Political Descent. Malthus, Mutualism and the Politics of Evolution in Victorian England, has just been published by Chicago University Press. It was recently chosen for review by Times Higher Education.

Research Interests

"My research interests focus upon the ways in which the life sciences have contributed to the ways in which we think about what it means to be human. The science of biology has historically had so much to say about what is 'natural' for humans - both what is possible, and what is not; and, as our understandings of biology have changed, so too have our understandings of the limits of human possibility. Just one aspect of this that is pressing today is the way in which we think about genetic inheritance, gene-therapies and genetic-engineering, and how they potentially open up a whole new chapter in the ways in which we think about ourselves..."


Political Descent Kingsley Science & Literature Tyndal
Political Descent
Charles Kingsley
& Water Babies
Science & Literature
John Tyndall Correspondence Project

Recent and Forthcoming Academic Presentations

Fall Semester:

Dr. Hale is on sabbical for the Fall semester working on his next book, a collaboration with Prof. John Beatty (UBC) on Charles Kingsley's nineteenth-century evolutionary fairytale, Water Babies.

September 26th, 2014:
"Political Descent. Malthus Mutualism and the Politics of Evolution", Peking University, Beijing, China.

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Associate Professor of the History of Modern Science

Darwin Day 2012 
Dr. Hale has presented his research on Charles Darwin and the moral meaning of evolution in past 'Darwin Day' lectures.

Contact Details:

Email: phale@ou.edu
Tel: ++ 1+(405) 325-3392
Fax: ++1+ (405) 325-2363

History of Science
University of Oklahoma,
601 Elm Avenue,
Physical Science Building 610

Office Hours:
and by appointment.

Areas of Expertise:

History of biology, ecology and evolution.
Intellectual history of Modern Britain.
British Labour History.
History of gender, the body, and the subject.

Linnean Society of London
 In light of his work in the history of evolutionary biology Dr. Hale was recently elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London. Founded in 1788, the Linnean Sociey is the world's oldest active biological society. It exists to promote the study of all aspects of natural history, especially evolution, taxonomy, biodiversity and sustainability.

Hale receives OU Teaching Award

Piers J. Hale is the recipient of the University of Oklahoma 2010 General Education Teaching Award. Hale was congratulated by University President David L. Boren, April 2010

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