Scott W. Hammerstedt

Current Research

Oklahoma Archeological Survey

University of Oklahoma

111 Chesapeake St.

Norman, OK 73019

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Phone: 405-325-7207

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Mississippian archaeology in west-central Kentucky

Three seasons of field work at the Annis Village site, a Mississippian mound near Morgantown, KY.  These excavations were aimed at discerning status differences based on quantitative comparisons of labor expenditures, artifacts, and architecture.  This work has led into examination of WPA collections from the nearby Martin Mound and evaluation of mortuary activity among Mississippian people in the region.

Experimental use of stone tools

Using groundstone and chipped stone tools to excavate trenches and construct log walls to test the effectiveness of these tools and provide quantitative measurements of labor investments. 

Other projects involve the use of Mill Creek chert hoes in prairie soils to verify their potential as sod-busters (in collaboration with Erin R. Hughes).  This was recently published in Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology.

Archaeological geophysics


Lead researcher for the Archeological Survey’s remote sensing program.  Assets include:


· Bartington Grad 601 gradiometer

· Geoscan Research FM256 gradiometer

· Geoscan Research RM15 electrical resistance meter

· GSSI SIR-3000 ground-penetrating radar with 200 and 400 MHz antennae

· Bartington MS2 hand-held magnetic susceptibility meter with MS2K sensor and MS2D field loop

· GeoPlot, TerraSurveyor, and Radan processing software


Projects to date include Caddo, Wichita, and historic sites in eastern and north-central Oklahoma and PaleoIndian sites in western Oklahoma. 


A major remote sensing project (in collaboration with researchers from OU and the Arkansas Archeological Survey) focuses on the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center in Le Flore County.  More information can be found here.

Caddoan archaeology in eastern Oklahoma

Survey and excavation of sites with a primary focus in east central and northeastern Oklahoma (along the Arkansas and Illinois Rivers).  Current projects focus on analysis of WPA and other museum collections from the Reed site in Delaware County, the Norman site in Wagoner County, the Harlan site in Cherokee County, and the Spiro site in Le Flore County.

A current major field project involves remote sensing and excavations at the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center.  Project photos can be found here.