ACCL - Attention and Cognitive Control Lab

  • The goal of our lab is to investigate the many aspects of human cognitive control. In our current research projects, we aim to understand the impact of motoric action on information processing, and the interaction of working memory and visual attention. We have also been investigating how attention and emotion influence each other, and how people make affective evaluation of a novel object. In addition, we examined how individual differences such as personality traits or age influence visual cognition.
  • Visual Perception, Memory, and Attention
  • We have investigated how top-down processes can bias the competition among bottom up sensory inputs. In our model, objects can be represented based on the probability-based activation, and the competition among representations can be modified by attentional direction and long-term memory. In this project, we aim to further understand the mechanisms behind recognizing and utilizing a visual object.

  • Individual Differences of Visual Cognition
  • Individual Differences of Visual Cognition We are investigating the role of temperament on patterns and strategies of visual scanning. In this study, participants viewed the visual display conducting a change detection task while their saccadic eye movements were recorded.

  • Affective Evaluation
  • People make automatic evaluation of objects, regardless of perceptual judgment. We have investigated the mechanisms based on the affective evaluation. Previous research shows that familiarity and attentional direction can positively influence the evaluative processes. In our research, we focused on the interactive nature of the evaluative processes. We found that motoric actions and the direction of movements modify the evaluative processes. Our future goal in this research project is to understand what makes experiences of life pleasant or unpleasant, and further understand whether cognitive control can modify one's well-being in life.
  • Sowon Hahn

  • Graduate Students
  • Tim Lorat
  • Dan Buttaccio

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Joe Arviv
  • Vinny Tran
  • Sarah Parish
  • John Marr
  • William Huffman
  • Emily White
    Spring 2010
  • PSY 4113: Capstone Survey Consciousness, Emotion, and Cognition
  • PSY 4920: Adult Development-Aging
  • PSY 3990/4990: ACCL Seminar

  • Fall 2010
  • PSY 3203 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 4920 Adult Development-Aging
  • PSY 3990/4990 Independent Study/ACCL seminar

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