Neal Judisch

Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
455 W. Lindsey St.
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019
DAHT 618
phone: 405-325-5950


My main areas of research are in metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophical theology. I’m particularly interested in problems at the intersection of all three fields, especially as they relate to the many and varied questions of human agency.

Selected Publications

Descartes's Revenge Part II: The Supervenience Argument Strikes Back (in Robert Koons and George Bealer, eds., The Waning of Materialism, Oxford University Press forthcoming). [Draft - Do Not Cite]

Theological Determinism and the Problem of Evil (Religious Studies 44 (2008), pp. 165-184).

Why ‘Non-Mental’ Won’t Work: On Hempel’s Dilemma and the Characterization of the Physical (Philosophical Studies 140 (2008), pp. 299-318).

Responsibility, Manipulation and Ownership: Reflections on the Fischer/Ravizza Program (Philosophical Explorations 8 (2005), pp. 115-130).

A New Cosmological Argument Undone (with Michael Almeida, International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion 51 (2002), pp. 55-64).


Spring 2009

Self & Identity
PHIL 3503

Contemporary Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3443


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