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-- Adam Kay(with Jon and Mike) is lead author on Diet composition does not affect ant colony tempo, which was a featured article in Functional Ecology
--Melanie Moses from U New Mexico visits the AntLab and talks ant colony organization.
-- Dr. Jon Shik (AntLab Ph. D.) is now a post doc at North Carolina State
-- Dr. Mary Johnston (Antlab M.S.) has joined the faculty of Concordia University, Austin Texas
-- We welcome Jelena Bujan and Jackson Helms as new Ph. D. candidates.
--Mike, along with colleagues Joe Zhou at OU, Brian Enquist at U of Arizona, and Jim Brown and Bob Waide at U New Mexico, was awarded a $4.8 million grant from NSF MacroSystems: "Experimental MacroEcology: the kinetics of biodiversity.
--In August, David Donoso and Natalie Clay presented parts of their thesis work at the ESA meetings in Austin. Mike got a poster in the far corner of the hall, but was happy with that.
--Jesse Czekanski-Moir, Natalie Clay, and Mike spent much of the field season on Barro Colorado Island working with Adam Kay's lab on the AntStoich project.
--In early June, David Donoso, REU student Deana Flatt, and Mike harvested the 1 -year NaCl fertilization experiment at Yasuni Ecuador. More on that soon.
--J. Animal Ecology publishes Mike's collaboration with Sean O'Donnell, John Lattke, and Scott Powell: Predation and patchiness in the tropical litter: do swarm-raiding army ants skim the cream or drain the bottle?
--Ecography publishes Mike's collaboration with AntLab alum Mike Weiser: Per-capita energy availability and the regulation of abundance.
--Ecology publishes Joe Wright's report on our ongoing Gigante collaboration in Panama: Potassium, phosphorus, or nitrogen limit root allocation, tree growth, and litter production in a lowland tropical forest.


--Congrats to Dr. Jon Shik, the AntLab's newly minted Ph. D. !
--Robert Dudley from UC Berkeley visits in October, and, thereafter, nothing is the same.
--A collaboration with Brad Stevenson, Jon Shik, and Jennifer Kerekes, "Scaling Community Structure..." comes out as a report in Ecology.
--We welcome to Jesse Czekanski-Moir as the newest grad student in the AntLab.
--A collaboration with Dudley and Yanoviak is published in Biology Letters shedding light on how Cephalotes pull off their aerobatics.
--Jon's "The metabolic cost of building ant colonies from variably-sized subunits" comes out in BES.
--Field season is upon the AntLab. Natalie is heading to Yasuni Ecuador to study Na limitation and Azteca, David, Jon, Mike and Deana will head to Barro Colorado Island on the Stoichiometry project
--Mike visited Tony Joern and the folks in KSU biology, and planted some pitfall traps with Tony on the Konza demonstration plots.
--Jim Brown makes a visit to the AntLab. Quality of discussion increases by M^0.75.
--David is lead author, along with AntLab alumnus Mary Johnston and Mike, in "Trees as templates for tropical litter arthropod diversity", in Oecologia.
--Jon's thesis chapter on More Food-Less Habitat, comes out in Ecological Entomology.
--Mike's collaboration with the Gillooly lab on the energetics of colonial insects gets some publicity and a paper in PNAS, along with a commentary in Communicative and Integrative Biology.

--Mike and Steve Yanoviak's Biogeochemistry and the structure of tropical brown food webs comes out in Ecology, as does our exploration, with Robert Dudley, of gliding in hexapods.
--Mike and Natalie are co-authors, along with Steve Yanoviak, May Yuan, and Robert Dudley, on a PNAS paper Sodium shortage as a constraint on the carbon cycle in an inland tropical rainforest. It gets a nice writeup in National Geograhic Online.
Sooner Magazine has a nice writeup of the Lab's work, with many illustrations from Debby Kaspari
--NSF Ecosystems funds the lab to the tune of $75K to perform large scale fertilization of an Ecuador rainforest, with NaCl!
Insectes Sociaux publishes a collaboration between Jon and Mike on lifespans of male alates.
--NSF Ecology funds Mike's grant with Adam Kay to study the stoichiometric underpinnings of ant life history and community ecology on BCI. This includes support for two grad students, and will keep us busy on the island for three years. Huzzah!
--Mike and Brad Stevenson speculate as to what Microbiologists can learn from behavioral ecologists in the PNAS commentary: Evolutionary Ecology, antibiosis, and all that rot.
--Mike celebrates the 50th anniversary of RH MacArthur's "warbler paper" in the Bulletin of the ESA
--Ants like Salt! The media hysteria reaches fever pitch as PNAS publishes an article by Kaspari, Yanoviak and Dudley on the biogeography of salt limitation across ant communities.
--As part of a continuing effort to get pictorial guides to local ant faunas, we present The Ants of Konza Prairie.
--The Antlab welcomes a new Ph. D. candidate, Natalie Clay, late of Colby College. Natalie will be joining the expedition to Peru in December.
--Jon gives a presentation at the Gordon Conference on Metabolic Ecology.
--Jon's paper on reproductive scaling comes out in Functional Ecology.
-- Mike arrives at The Harvard Forest for a 6-month sabbatical. Re-discovers winter.
--Mike gets $47K from NSF to fund the third Gordon Conference on the Metabolic Basis of Ecology. Mike is co-chair with Bob Sterner.
--The press gets wind of Yanoviak, Kaspari, Dudley and Poinar's forthcoming paper in The American Naturalist on a nematode that turns Cephalotes atratus gasters bright red. --National Geographic awards the AntLab $21K to study the biogeography of salt
--Alum Michael Weiser begins a postdoc with Robb Dunn and Nate Sanders at NC State to study global warming and ant communitis
--Alum Steve Yanoviak begins his professorship at UArkansas-Little Rock.
--Ysabel Milton's honor's thesis on micropatchiness in Brown Food Web's comes out in Oecologia.
--Kaspari receives a Bullard Fellow for Spring Sabbatical '08 at Harvard Forest
--Back from a trip up the Rio Napo, Peru, with Steve Yanoviak and Robert Dudley (thats me on the canopy walkway). Check out the virtual refrigerator door or this panorama to get a hint. We should be updating this soon with photos from Field Season 2006
--Steve Yanoviak leads this Nature paper on the wonderful story of the gliding ant, Cephalotes atratus.-- Kaspari explores the consequences of size gradients in ant communities in PNAS.

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