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I spent two weeks in Peru, much of it at the ACT field station on the Rio Napo, working on projects with Steve Yanoviak and Robert Dudley. ACT is home to a canopy walkway--a series of bridges and platforms linking twelve trees and gaining access to many more. 29Oct06
If you've been particularly good, a movie will emerge here starring Robert Dudley.
Many insects are of the tropical canopy are only active at night.
Steve Yanoviak pioneered the study of gliding in ants and is now searching for more critters to drop from great heights.
These are are my colleagues Steve Yanoviak and Robert Dudley on a canopy platform.
These are palm grubs (no relation to the above picture). Yes I ate them. No they didn't taste like chicken...more like bacon fat wrapped in papyrus. Mmm. That's good grub.
Author: Mike Kaspari
Last Updated: 22March2006

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