Homage to MacArthur's Warblers

In an essay soon to be published in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, I celebrate Robert H. MacArthur's Mercer award winning Ph. D. thesis, "Population ecology of some warblers of Northeastern coniferous forests". One irony about this paper is that, despite it's trendsetting graphical sense, I know of no high quality images that capture the beauty of these birds. In light of this, I commissioned Deborah Kaspari to do just that, placing the warblers in the context that MacArthur details. It is a mixed media creation, combining a pencil sketch of a spruce bough, watercolors of the warblers, with one of MacArthur's orginal "christmas trees".

Feel free to download this image and use it in your classroom, but please credit the artist.

One megabyte warbler (JPEG)

33.8 megabyte warbler (TIFF)