Paraponera clavata, also known as the bala ant.
Drawing by Debby Kaspari.

Natural History Resources

This page is a jumping-point for projects we are involved in the AntLab. Much of our work is tropical (a core group of EEB faculty--Fincke, Kaspari, Vitt, Caldwell, and Mares--do much of their research in the Neotropics). But Oklahoma spans a 3-fold precipitation gradient, generating a range of biomes within a day's drive from campus.


The Ants of Konza Prairie

Working with a list supplied by James Traniellos, here is a starting point for investigators at this key tallgrass prairie site


The Ants of BCNM

I am putting together a pictorial guide to the 400+ ant species of BCI. These pages will be the logical framework for publishing their natural history.

Trees of the Panama Watershed
An illustrated compilation of common tree species from the Center for Tropical Forest Science in Panama.

Oklahoma Climatological Survey
The Oklahoma Mesonet consists of 116 automated observing stations that continuously monitor numerous important weather and soil variables.
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for Barro Colorado Natural Monument, Panama




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