Friday, December 03, 2004

Syria Today is a wonderful new publication that is being put out in Damascus. It's mission is to cover Syria's economic and social development, bringing together some of Syrian's best writers and analysts with native English speakers and editors specialising on Syria. Syria Today seeks to bridge the information gap on Syria through the provision of high quality articles on the country's development issues, its distinct features, and the effect of recent reforms on the Syrian people.

One excellent article is by Rhonda Roumani and Andrew Tabler, who talked to business people in Syria about their hopes and fears following the enactment of US sanctions. They find that hospitals in particular are having a terrible time getting replacement parts for sophisticated American machinery, such as MRIs, crucial to patient care.

Another section tries to navigate Syria 's economic reform measures, outlining the most recent measures, as well as upcoming studies and legislation.

Also, don't miss the informative interview with Abdullah Dardari, Minister of State for Planning Affairs, about efforts to coordinate Syrian reform.

If this publication can maintain the same quality as its first issue, it will be doing us all a great service.


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