William J. Matthews

Chair and Professor, Department of Zoology
Professor, Biological Station

e-mail:  wmatthews@ou.edu

Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma in Zoology (Ichthyology, Ecology, Limnology), 1977.


Courses Taught:   

Ichthyology, Principles of Ecology, Fish Ecology, Stream Ecology, Aquatic Biology, Vertebrate Morphogenesis, Fishes of the Midwest, Larval Fish Ecology, and Stream Fish Ecology. 


Resource Use in Aquatic Environments, Stream Ecology, Fish Ecology, Larval Fish Ecology, Fish Faunas of North America, and Analysis of Fish Community Structure.

Research Interests:

My research is in ecology and systematics of North American freshwater fishes, with emphasis on long-term change in fish communities, and taxonomic problems in midwestern fishes. At present I am collaborating with Dr. Edie Marsh-Matthews on our mutual studies of stream fish communities in Oklahoma and Arkansas which I began in the 1970s. I am also working on syntheses of my other fish collections and studies from the last 30+ years in Oklahoma and surrounding regions. Because of my duties as Chair of the Department of Zoology, I am not currently taking any new graduate students.


US Environmental Protection Agency. 2004-2007. Design, construction and evaluation of a passive treatment system for contaminated mine water. $2,982,000.  B. Nairn, PI; W. Matthews and others, Co-PIs.  (Matthews' portion of the award is $198,252 for evaluation of effects on fishes).

National Science Foundation.  2003-2004.  Dissertation Research:  Fish effects in stream ecosystems-a  mechanistic approach.  $6,980.00 (DEB-0308729).  Dissertation improvement grant for Chad Hargrave.

Oklahoma Water Resources Board.  2002-2003.  Sorting and identification of fish.  $6,000.  W.J. Matthews, PI; W. Marsh-Matthews, Co-PI.

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.  1999-2004.  Development of protocols for assessing watershed assimilative capacity for chemical stressors in support of appropriate ecosystem management/restoration practices:  Determination of aquatic and sediment eco-effects. (On Lake Texoma).  $910,000.  G.D. Schnell, PI; W.J. Matthews, Co-PI.

USDA Forest Service.  1999-2000.  Assessment of movement of leopard darters in Oklahoma streams.  $40,000.00.  E. Marsh-Matthews, PI; W.J. Matthews, Co-PI.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  1999-2002.  Identify, enumerate and determine biomass of fish samples.  Not to exceed $10,000 per year.  W.J. Matthews, PI; E. Marsh-Matthews, Co-PI.

Award and Honors:

George M. Sutton Conservation Award, Southwestern Association of Naturalists, 2001.  (Best conservation paper in the Southwestern Naturalist during the past year).

Current Graduate Students:  

Rachael Remington, PhD student at University of Oklahoma

David Gillette, PhD student at University of Oklahoma

Jeff Wesner.  PhD student at U. Oklahoma.

Courtney Franssen. MS student at U. Oklahoma.


Current Research Interests & Subject Areas Available for Graduate Research

Curriculum Vita

Bibliography from "Patterns in Freshwater Fish Ecology" (Endnotes library)

Bibliography from "Patterns in Freshwater Fish Ecology" (pdf)


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