Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou

OU Presidentís Associates Presidential Professor

The University of Oklahoma

"The most important single limitation of the human mind for turbulence research is our inability to hold more than 7 (plus or minus 2) bits of uncorrelated information in out short-term (working memory) -- the thinking part of the brain." S.J. Kline



Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1996

M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1993


Diploma, Chemical Engineering, 1989





The focus of my research is on the fundamental understanding and modeling of transport processes with industrial and environmental interest. Novel computational methods are developed and applied by my group to explore turbulent transport of mass and heat, reactive flows, multiphase flows and flows in porous media.

Numerical experiments are conducted in a virtual laboratory that can provide excellent measurements for turbulent channel and plane Couette flow. We can also measure heat and mass transfer rates in these channels and we can monitor the trajectories of hundreds of thousands of particles. Future planes include the study of the progress of chemical reactions, and the simulation of multiphase flow behavior in micro-pores and micro-channels.

The development of prototype software for the multiscale study of flow and transport through porous materials is also underway. My interest is in multiscale phenomena (flow through porous media being one of such phenomena) and in the integration of scales in order to predict the macroscopic manifestation of small scale phenomena.

My research interests include a number of emerging areas, such as integrated process simulations, transport phenomena in biological systems and small-scale transport (at the interface between statistical mechanics and classical mechanics).

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 Teaching - ChE 4253 (Design I)

 Teaching - ChE 5480 (Industrial & Environmental Transport)

 Teaching - ChE 3432 (Unit Operations Laboratory)

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School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
100 East Boyd Street, EC-T335
Norman, Ok 73019
Phone: (405) 325-5811
Fax:†† (405) 325-5813
E-mail: dvpapava at ou dot edu

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