Program for the OU Philosophy Dept. In-House Epistemology Conference
April 30th, 2011


9:00-10:10 Shyam Patwardhan, "What's the Harm in Lying? An Analysis of Deception, False Implication and Speaker Norms" draft, handout
10:15-11:25 Josh Rollins, "Epistemic Conservatism, Conscientious Self-Criticism, and Higher-Order Evidence" draft, handout
11:30-12:40 Mary Gwin, "Virtue Epistemology and Bayesian Epistemology: Some Connections" draft, handout
12:40-2:00 lunch  
2:00-3:10 Kelly Morris, "Justified Belief in a Social Context" draft, handout
3:15-4:25 Wayne Riggs, "Open-mindedness, Insight and Understanding" draft, handout