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This is me.

Well, that's sort of what I looked like at one time.

I received a Ph.D in music theory at
the University of Iowa.

Here's a picture of me trying to convince my
committee to pass my dissertation.

I'm now an associate professor of music theory
at the University of Oklahoma

Here's a picture of the OU theory department.
(Not pictured: Sarah Reichardt)

As you can see, despite problems with the
new music building, we are hard at work
planning next year's courses.

For many years, I taught all the freshman
and sophomore theory classes--written
and aural.

Here's a picture of one of my classes.

The picture is a little fuzzy, and no one has been able
to decide which of the fellows in the middle
is me. I remember that I was talking to a really,
really, really, really smart student. But
I don't remember which side he was standing on.

Once or twice a year, I teach a graduate course.
(Now I get to be called the "Professor"!)
A couple summers ago, I taught on the music of
Bartok, Prokofiev, and the rock band Chicago.

Here is a picture of Bartok and Prokofiev live
at the St. Louis arena in 1976.

I've published a few research articles, mostly related
to the issue of tonality and how traditional tonal
style differs from tonal styles of the twentieth
century, as for instance in the music of Prokofiev.
I've also written a book about rock music style, which
was published by Yale University Press in 2003.

Here is a picture of all my published materials.
As you can see, I'm just getting started.

I'm a member of the OU Christian Faculty and Staff group.
Twice a month the group meets to talk and eat lunch together.
Once a month we offer a public lecture on issues regarding
the relationship of Christianity and scholarship.

Here is a picture taken at one of our planning meetings
a few years ago.

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