Brain Awareness Week 2005           Intel High School Science Fair          Middle School Science Fair

Science Fair Rules

Judging Criteria

1. Creativity (25 pts.)

2. Scientific Thought (40 pts.)

3. Skill and Thoroughness (10pts.)

4. Clarity (25 pts.)

5. Oral Presentation (25 pts.)

Total 125 pts. Max.

Science Fair Rules

     The project must be presented on a three paneled tri-fold science fair board (available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and other craft stores). The area on the table directly beneath the students' board will be available for a projects model(s) to be displayed on. The space will be limited to the depth of the side panels when folded open, the student must keep this in mind when creating a model for the project. Any models that violate the space constraints will not be included in the presentation of the project or judged in the overall project score. Any projects not submitted by 5pm deadline on March 24th will not be included in the Science Fair.