Stephen P. Weldon

Stephen P. Weldon is Assistant Professor of History of Science whose work includes studying the historical interaction of science and religion, the politics of science and technology, and psychology and the behavioral sciences in 20th-century America. He also has an interest in science in non-Western, especially East Asian, contexts. He has published various articles on the relation of science to Secular Humanism, Deism, and modern Judaism, as well as on the role of postmodernism and social construction in science-religion studies. He is currently working on a project entitled Science and Secular Humanism, A Cultural History: How American Democracy Has Mediated the Science-Religion Dialog.

Prof. Weldon is also the editor of the Isis Current Bibliography of the History of Science, which is published by the History of Science Society. In this capacity, he oversees two graduate students in the Department of History of Science. The Isis Bibliography, published annually, surveys literature worldwide, and indexes and classifies about 4,000 items each year.

Prof. Weldon received his degree in History of Science and American History from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. A native of Texas, he has been living in Oklahoma since 2002.